About Building Bureau

Who We Are:

Building Consultants to the Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Civil Construction Industry.

What we do:

The cumulative knowledge and experience of the team and Associate Consultants encompassing professionals within the inspection, construction, drafting, negotiation, legal, engineering and safety fields of the Bureau provide building inspections and reports, drafting of plans, contract administration, supervision of building projects and Legislative compliance, dispute assistance, building and development application assistance, identification & interpretation of Building codes and standards.

When can we do it:

Because our team is growing relative to our clients needs we pride ourselves on being able to deliver our services in a proficient and timely manner, some tasks take a few hours while others take several weeks. As soon as we receive your authority to commence, we start.

Why we do it:

Our team is composed of professional and retired people who are building inspectors, draftspersons, building assessors, structural engineers, legal council, dispute resolution practitioners, licensed and registered builders that engender the cumulative experience and knowledge of a construction encyclopedia. We love the Industry and promote good building practice at every opportunity.

Where we do it:

You will probably find that we have a consultant that lives in your locality that can call on the rest of the team at the bureau if required to get the best outcome available for you. At the moment we are concentrating on South Australia but our associates in other states are ready to assist you. We're as close as the phone.