Building Bureau Service

Building contract scrutiny.

Purpose: Before signing a building contract, provided by the builder discover what it represents.

Property Inspections.

Purpose: Scrutiny of building work to identify areas of deterioration and defects in building components and services.

Owner-builder construction, stage inspection report.

Purpose: Stage Inspections throughout construction to determine if building rules have been met for a Certificate of Completion to local council.Scrutiny of subcontractors work to determine if works are in accordance with contract documents, codes and standards.Confirmation of subcontractors claim for payment.

Problem solving Building Investigation.

Purpose: Identify the cause and extent of the problem to facilitate a remedy.

Building defects report.

Purpose: Scrutiny of a building to determine areas of maintenance required to make the building safe for occupancy and meet the required building rules.

Property maintenance report.

Purpose: To identify areas of deterioration in building work and recommend appropriate remedial work.

Building Project support.

Purpose: To provide administrative support to your building project.

Adjacent Property Report.

Purpose: Report of the condition of neighboring properties and to identify if building work about to be undertaken has the potential to cause damage to those properties. If a claim for damage to property is made by neighbors the dilapidation report is used as a benchmark to assess the neighbors building damage claim.

Quotation Assessment

Purpose: A quotation is a fixed price but does it include everything.Scrutiny of the quotation can identify hidden costs not included for the work.

Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Purpose: When an issue concerning work impacts on any party being a natural person, company, local, State or Federal Government where parties cannot come to an agreement, this service recognizes the legal and legislative implications and works toward and assists in a negotiated outcome that all parties can recognize as a satisfactory resolution.

Support through imparting building knowledge.

Purpose: When faced with a concern about your building contract or workmanship and you need to find out as much as you can on the topic. We will provide you with that information.